Update on my book

A few people have been asking me what is happening with my book. It has been showing on Amazon as to be despatched in 6-8 weeks!!! I have been chasing this up this morning and apparently it is not the case. It will be available sooner. You can’t order the paperback version at all through […]

Back to quilting

Some may have noticed I have been making a lot of bags recently. Bags and baskets and pods and more baskets! I felt it was about time for a quilt again and I am enjoying the making I have to say! This one was originally designed to be made with Henna so its been a […]

My latest pattern is available now…

This one has taken a little while to get on sale! But I got there in the end with a little bit of help from my pattern testers! This is the ultimate DIY storage item. I love it! Its made with 6 pockets and a central compartment that make up the honeycomb shape. I originally […]

Pre-order my book now !!!

For those of you who didn’t know I have been working on a book which is now available to pre-order through Amazon! Its a bite sized book with 6 quick projects based around sewing for your craft room. I aimed to design little things that could be made and finished in one go for those of […]

I have a lovely new pattern!

Introducing the lovely woven basket! This is the latest pattern available on my website and Craftsy. It is a collaboration between myself and my P.A. Mr Lee Brampton. It is the first collaboration I have done and we are still arguing over who had the biggest input! It uses 2 1/2″ strips and was designed with Jelly […]

My new collection is nearly here

I should really have waited to post this, but when you get a bundle of your fabric through the post that you have been waiting to hold for the best part of a year, you get a bit excited! This is the first pictures of my 4th collection ‘Radiance’. And like all the others I […]

More wonderful makes

I am posting another selection of great things made using my fabrics. Its always very exciting for me to see what people have envisaged for my fabric. Everyone has different ideas and I love seeing how other people interpret the colours and what goes well together… Firstly two great quilts by Sharon Denney Parcel. I […]

Great Customer Makes

I have received some great customer makes recently and thought it was about time I shared them in one place. I love seeing what success stories people have had as well as any problems they have had interpreting the patterns. So here are some of the latest, in no particular order… Storage Pods – I […]

Updates to ‘Pattern Help’

This is just a quick post to say that I have just added a couple of updates to the Pattern Help section of my site. I have had a lot of new customers buying my Storage Pods as a PDF download recently and I have received a couple of questions asking for clarity on a […]

Workshop Update – Venue confirmed

I now have a venue booked for my upcoming workshop. It will be held at Shorne Country Park which is a beautiful and bright space. I have booked it for Thursday 26th of Nov. The workshop itself will be a scrap busting one so people can bring scraps and I will supply some too… Now I can get down […]