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Below you will find any pattern corrections or extra advice for any of my patterns. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for here ask the question through the ‘contact us’ section of the website and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Storage Pods

1 – I received this question from a customer regarding this pattern and have included my answer in case it helps anyone else

” I purchased one of your storage pod patterns at the handmade fair. I’ve started but as I’ve never quilted before I’ve hit a question! I’ve cut out all of pieces and I’m at the stage where I need to quilt to secure, should this be a continuous sew (turning at the end to start a new line) or should I run the stitch off each time? If continuous should I only go as far as the seam allowance as I don’t want to sew into the extra length? “

“It doesn’t need to be a continuous line. You can start and stop as many times as you need to. It won’t make any difference to the overall look. However you might find turning at the end and starting a new line actually takes a little less time and thread as it saves you stopping and starting. Its up to you which you find easier. I tend to do a continuous line where possible myself. As for sewing into the seam allowance, its actually better to do all your stopping and starting or turning within the seam allowance as that way it is all hidden when you sew the bag together. It also secures the seam allowance together which make sewing together a little easier too. So in short sew right to the every edge and start right at the very edge!

2 – Blank pages on PDF Version (versions downloaded before 10th Mar 2016)

I have received a couple of e mails asking why there are extra blank pages on the PDF version of this pattern. This is done so that if you would like to print the pattern double sided you can do so without the templates being printed back to back. Because the templates have to be cut out it would be annoying to have one printed on the other side of the other.

3 – Adding the base

I have had some requests from people to provide some pictures of this part

Turn the pod, lining side out. Take the quilted base and pin it to the bottom of the pod so outer fabrics are facing. See pic 1. The base of the pod is a slight oval shape so be sure to line it up so the flatter sides sit at the front and back of the pod. The base will sit slightly inside the pod with the edges of the wadding and outer fabric folded up to line up with the edges of the pod sides. The lining of the base will extend beyond the wadding as, again, this will be used to cover the seam.

figure 11

Stitch in place all round.

Fold the excess lining over the seam as you did with the pod sides, this time stitch it in place by hand. See pic 2

figure 13

4 – Sewing Darts

Fold RS together, through the centre of the marked lines. See pic 1

figure 6

Starting at the wide end of the dart, sew following the marked line. Sew all the way to the point and off the end of the fabric. See pic 2


figure 7

Project Baskets

1 – On some copies of the printed versions of this pattern figure 2 does not match up to the instructions. This was a mistake I made when I reprinted the pattern and used the wrong picture for figure 2. Please follow the measurements given in the written instructions and not the 2″ printed on figure 2.  This is the correct figure 2 that should be printed in the pattern ( and is correctly printed in previous versions)

figure 2

2 – Which side does the binding go? I have had a couple of people say there were confused as to which side the bottom binding goes. It goes on the inside of the basket. Although personally I think the outside would work ok too!



34 Responses to “Pattern Help”

By Karen parsons - 12 September 2015 Reply

Yes please,I would have a go

By Maureen Hallsworth - 16 November 2015 Reply

I recently bought a pattern for project baskets. I have completed the basket up to the point where it tells you to turn the top down 1″ to the outside. I think I have a page missing because there are no more instructions on how to continue. The next page I have is “Attaching the handles”. Can you please tell me how to proceed. Thankyou.

By Beth Studley - 28 April 2016 Reply

Hi there. It won’t make a difference to the overall dimensions as they are proportional to each other. So just go ahead and make it. it will just be a little smaller

By Hana Ansari - 29 March 2016 Reply

Hello! I just purchased a pattern of yours from Craftsy. (Storage Pods) I believe that if you made a video, it will be much easier to learn how to use the pattern, as it is kind of complicated to me. Also, I was wondering: Can I use the per quilted fabric to make the process much quicker and easier? Once again, please consider making a video tutorial for Storage Pods. Thank you so much, and have a wonderful day!

By Beth Studley - 29 March 2016 Reply

I may well consider videos in the future. I have recently done one for stitch craft create. You could use re quilted fabric to speed up the process if you wish.

By Paula S - 3 April 2016 Reply

Bought Project Baskets pattern yesterday…states half a metre of each fabric then states strips 40 in x 7 in… Should these be read as metric or imperial or are they actually mixed and the half metres split and joined to make the 40 in length?

By Beth Studley - 11 April 2016 Reply

Hi there. The half a metre is the measurement cut from the bolt not half a metre square. You sometimes see this written as WOF (width of fabric) The standard width of fabric would be 42″ – 44″ so you should not need to join them to make the 40″ strips. The mix of imperial and metric is strange isn’t it!? My boyfriend hates it! But when you go to a shop you buy in metric but pattern instructions tend to be written in imperial. Its a funny old world!

By Lynne - 10 April 2016 Reply

Hi Beth. I purchased the pod pattern and I am so glad you have provided extra instructions with pictures on your website. It has answered some of the questions I had.

By Pamela Sherman - 13 April 2016 Reply

Hi Beth,
Love the pattern for the storage backets. I made my first one. One half of basket stands up nicely, the other side kinda sinks down. What happened? Also I think I found a few errors. For the lining – shouldn’t the length be one inch longer for folding the seam over? Also the spacing of the darts – why 1 1/2 inch and then every three – makes basket lopsidded in appearance because then there is a seam too close to the 1 1/2 inch dart.

By Beth Studley - 28 April 2016 Reply

Hi Pamela
The lopsided thing happened to me with one of my samples. Id is down to how evenly the bottom has been attached. It may be that you gathered a bit more fabric on one side than the other. Yes the lining should be 1″ longer but the patterns does say this. As for the spacing. The first one is at 1 1/2 as when the basket is joined it will be next to the seam and then there is another 1 1/2 the other side making 3″ in total. If is started at 3£ there would be a gap of 6″ in total…

By Ruth Phelps - 14 April 2016 Reply

I just printed the Storage Pod pattern and found the printed templates to be too small to make the finished size of 11″x 6″. I selected ” actual size” for printing and the pattern was only approx 10″x 5″. Thanks for the help.

By Beth Studley - 28 April 2016 Reply

Hi there. I have had a couple of people say this. When I print it, it comes out fine. I will have a look into this. It may be something else causing it.

By Susie - 17 May 2016 Reply

I think much of the mystery and frustration with pattern size might be addressed with dimensions placed alongside the patterns in metric and imperial measurements.

By Beth Studley - 19 May 2016 Reply

Thanks Susie. I think that is a good idea for future patterns!

By Plain Jane - 14 April 2016 Reply

Hi Beth
The instructions for adding the hanging loop say ‘Take the prepared rectangle’
There is no pattern/size/instructions for cutting out the rectangle! Please help!

By Beth Studley - 28 April 2016 Reply

Hi Jane. The rectangle should be 2″ x 5 1/2″ of the lining fabric. Thanks for pointing this out. I will update the PDF

By Dee - 3 May 2016 Reply

On Page 1 of the PDF instruction sheet, the last line of the paragraph titled “Printing” says “The finished height of the main template should be ‘- ” #(” and on Page 2 in Step 1 the second to last sentence says GY Y ‘Z}{ i fY’&” Cut round the remaining 3 sides and leave the folded edge intact. What should those gibberish sections actually say?

By Beth Studley - 6 May 2016 Reply

Hi there. I have had a few people asking me this. My apologies for the gibberish. I think this is a problem with the font I used. I don’t know why but it converted some of my text into this! The gibberish should simply read ‘see figure 2’ !! The finished height is 9 3/4″.

By Lynn - 13 May 2016 Reply

Hello, My Storage Pod Main template pattern printed out 9″ x 4-1/4″. I did print it out “actual size”, but something is wrong because the pattern is smaller than your 11″ x 6″. So I’ll need to enlarge it. Should the tallest part of the pattern measure 11 inches? I’m so anxious to start! PLEASE help. 🙂

By Beth Studley - 13 May 2016 Reply

Hi there Lynn. I don’t know what happens with templates but they so often print different sizes for different people!! It won’t matter a great deal if yours are coming up a bit smaller. There are no measured parts to match up to so if the templates are smaller the overall size will just be a bit smaller. You can scale them up a bit of you like but the pattern will work just fine whatever the template size. Beth x

By Mary F Gallagher - 9 February 2017 Reply

I’d like to see marks for center front and center back on the base template

By Mandy - 23 February 2017 Reply

Hi, I made my first storage pod today. I think it would be really useful if you could create a video of you maki g one for us Vistula learners. Although most of it made sense, and I’m quite a competent sewer at times I got a bit lost. I got the pattern through the post and the same as one of the ladies above, the finished size was 10 x 6 .

By Mandy - 23 February 2017 Reply

Oops sorry predictive text takes over! Sorry was meant to say visual. Being medical my predictive text tends to divert to medical terms 🙂

By elizabeth ringler - 6 March 2017 Reply

just a note to say i bought your pattern and made myself several pods thank you fot my well written pattern and for sharing your gifts keep up the good work i wull be watchng for yoyr new designs

By Beth Studley - 24 March 2017 Reply

Thanks Elizabeth. I am glad you enjoyed the pattern x

By patty eastman - 22 March 2017 Reply

i amhaving trouble understanding why I would need 40″ of material for such a small basket. I just purchased pattern and hope it is up to date. I read some comments from last year saying there were errors. Also in US we don’t use meters so instructions on replies were confusing. Is there a video to help out? Such a cute project.

By Beth Studley - 24 March 2017 Reply

Hi there. 40″ sound a lot but its a bit of an optical illusion! Once it is wrapped round in a ring it looks a lot smaller.

By MaryAnn - 24 March 2017 Reply

I love your patterns. I just finished a project basket. Do you have any tips for making the basket a bit smaller?

By Beth Studley - 24 March 2017 Reply

I haven’t actually tried to make a smaller one but I guess you would just reduce the template for the base. Then ensure that the size of the sides is reduced by the same percentage.

By MaryAnn - 25 March 2017 Reply

Thanks Beth, I’ll try it! Or should I just use the Hanging Baskets pattern? The project basket is such a nice shape.

By Beth Studley - 27 March 2017 Reply

The hanging baskets does contain 2 sizes but the construction is slightly different. I would try and scale it yourself x

By Smita - 18 April 2017 Reply

Hi, I bought the PDF pattern of the storage pod yeasterday, but I am struggling to print it the correct size , please can you help, I did set it the actual size. Is there any other way other than enlarging the pattern on a large photocopier?

By Beth Studley - 5 May 2017 Reply

It should print ok if its set to actual size. How off is it? If its only a few millimetres it will be ok to proceed as the templates will all still work in relation to one another. Beth x

By Lorraine Retallic - 10 May 2017 Reply

I bought one of your storage pod patterns at the weekend and may I just say what a pleasure it is to be able to refer to you problem page it is so helpful thank you. Lorraine

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