A quick apology

…well two actually. Firstly, I have just sorted through and replied to about 20 comments left on my site and realised that some dated back several months. I have been getting a lot of spam comments and have clearly missed several genuine ones whilst deleting the junk. So sorry to those who thought I could be bothered to respond. I just didn’t see you messages. I hope I have answered all questions now. If not, please message me using the contact page and I will get back to you.

Secondly, was tied up having a baby last week so have a bit of a backlog of emails this week! My son was born on 19th and all is well so I am back to work now. I should get through all queries and orders by the end of the day. Thanks for your patience.

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11 Responses to “A quick apology”

By Jeni - 3 March 2018 Reply

Congratulations, he will s adorable!

By Donna Kowalewski - 15 March 2018 Reply

Hi Beth,
I inquired a while ago about the City Squares quit tutorial. Maybe my message got mixed up with the spam. Is the tutorial still available? I really love this quilt.

By Traci Cowan - 3 May 2018 Reply

Congratulations! He is beautiful!!!

By Evangeline Garcia - 4 May 2018 Reply

Congrats Beth your blessed take care of yourself rest up for 40 days then the lovely Beth will handle the difficulty of the day some friendly advise Hugs Evangeline 😉

By Alison Cox - 21 May 2018 Reply

Congratulations! Bonny baby indeed.

By Michelle - 21 May 2018 Reply

Congratulations Beth, try and take naps when he does, keep up your strength. Us mothers know exactly how it is . You get baby brain lol, so don’t worry.Michelle

By Catherine Hill - 23 May 2018 Reply

Congratulations Beth, what a beautiful baby!

By Beth Studley - 5 July 2018 Reply

Thankyou x

By Reg - 25 May 2018 Reply

Many congratulations – hes adorable

By Beth Studley - 5 July 2018 Reply

Thankyou x

By Barbara - 29 October 2018 Reply

Beth, he is so beautiful, and I’m sure is have an abundance of quilts! xo

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