A little sunshine…

In the run up to the release of my new fabric collection ‘Sundance’ in Jan 18, I have been finishing off a few little jobs that needed doing. One of which, or rather two of which, was releasing these two patterns. Both of which were designed some time ago and published in Pretty Patches magazine. They […]

Any new babies in the family?

Then you need to make one of these!.. I made this bag for myself when I had my second child and it is the only changing mat I used and the only changing bag I carried around too. I later made one for a friend when she had her baby and then my nephew when […]

A lovely new pattern available

I have just added a lovely new pattern to my shop! It is a great project for storing all your fat quarters. Who doesn’t need one of these! I have already pinched one of the samples for my workroom! If you want to make one yourself you can find it here

Free fabric packs still available

There are still a few packs left to claim… … I am currently giving away a FREE Trinket Bowl fabric pack with purchases of my book! The pack contains all the fabric and wadding needed to make a bowl. There is no need to wait to get started! You can begin your first project as soon as you open the […]

New Products

I have added 2 new items to my shop. The first is a book called ‘Mini patchwork projects’ by yours truly!! Its a book of 6 bite sized sewing patterns for all skill levels to enjoy. They are all designed to be made and finished in super quick time. The second is a faux leather branded tape […]

Stone Roses quilt is here

This one has just been launched today. I finished the quilt a little while ago but writing up the pattern took a little while longer! It was worth it though as it included what I think is a very thorough and clear tutorial on how to paper piece. So if you want to learn how […]

Update on my book

A few people have been asking me what is happening with my book. It has been showing on Amazon as to be despatched in 6-8 weeks!!! I have been chasing this up this morning and apparently it is not the case. It will be available sooner. You can’t order the paperback version at all through […]

Back to quilting

Some may have noticed I have been making a lot of bags recently. Bags and baskets and pods and more baskets! I felt it was about time for a quilt again and I am enjoying the making I have to say! This one was originally designed to be made with Henna so its been a […]