Two new quilt patterns out there…

I stopped selling patterns for my Hive quilt some months ago as I sold the copyright for it to Dorling Kindersley (DK Books). It is one of my favourite quilts and has been really popular when it has been on display in public. I am pleased to say the book featuring the pattern is now out so […]

I have a new collection by the way!…

Sometimes you forget to state the obvious but my new collection Walkabout is in the shops now!! This is my 3rd one designed for Makower uk and is my favourite yet. It has some great modern prints and basics. If you want to buy some check back to my site in about a week when […]

Oh and I made this…

I put together a pattern for this quilted satchel in the run up to the Festival of quilts but in all the preparations I realised I forgot to post anything announcing it’s creation. So this is my quilted Satchel and the pattern for it can be found here! It has been made using prints from new […]

Long awaited quilt number one

I was looking forward to making this once for months! It is the first quilt made from my new collection Walkabout which will be available to buy from the end of September. I designed it, along side the collection, over 6 months ago and have had a printout of it on the noticeboard. So I […]

Attention Project Basket Makers

I have been alerted to some confusing instructions in the pattern. I am very sorry, I have left a few steps out. Under the ‘finishing the basket’ section the last 3 steps have not been printed. If you have had problems making it or are about to start please use this as the full version… […]

New pattern – Easy Bow Bag

I have just added this pattern to my etsy shop. You can get it here Its a simple to make tote bag with a bit of extra detailing and shape. Designed to have more of a ‘handbag’ feel than the average tote bag, it is also more sturdy and structured. It is big enough to […]

Festival makeover time…

I am excited and busy planning my stand the Festival of quilts in August… I have around 54 on going ideas to be working on! and am confident of getting them done in time! (sort of). As well as my table for selling my wares I have planned a corner for displaying a few bits. […]

Victory Cover

I am loving this month’s patchwork and quilting cover for some reason!! It might be because it features my victory quilt! The magazine has had the quilt for months now for photography so I had forgotten how striking it is. Love it al over again! I will have to find a spot to hang it […]