New Pattern – Project Baskets

I have just added a new pattern to my etsy site and its a good one!! I have made 10 of these baskets as samples to decide on the final design so it’s taken me a while! But I have loads of pretty storage baskets around the house made with my fabrics! I designed them […]

Brightening the walls

I have been tweaking the house a bit recently and hung a lot of my quilts that have previously been stuck in cupboards. To most people, I am sure it might be a bit quilt overload, but it’s my home and I like it!! I have also made a few bits for the sole purpose […]

A ‘love from mum’ day…

My daughter got a new outfit today, thanks to it being a stormy day outside and her mum being in the mood to sew! And she is quite happy about it! Look!… I don’t make as many clothes for my children as I should. My daughter particularly should have far more ‘lovefrommum’ originals in her […]

Starting the summer wardobe…

I have been trying out a few free clothing patterns online recently and am pleased to say have had some success stories! This one isn’t my first, I was making skirts the last couple of weeks, but haven’t photographed them yet! This is the Sorbetto tank top. If you search for it, LOADs of people […]

A baby trip up North…

This little baby quilt is one of those ‘better late than never’ ones! I just finished it for a friends 2nd daughter Kaya. Unfortunately it is a year later than planned and made just in time for her 1st birthday! I have a ‘deal’ on baby quilts made for friends where I get to pick […]


Just wanted to say my Victory quilt is now available as an instant download in my Etsy shop here. I have fallen in love with it all over again as I have been working on the pattern today! I forgot how much quilting I had done on it. No wonder I had no quilting needles […]

Secretly working…

I know I haven’t posted anything that I have made for a while. I haven’t been being lazy. I have just been working on projects that I can’t write about! Boring!… … But its not boring I promise. I have been finishing a quilt for a book coming out in October this year. Its to […]

My first workshop – Yikes!

I held my first workshop on Saturday 8th March at Folly fabrics and it was great fun!! I can’t say if it was a great success or not. I will have to leave that up to those who attended to decide but I certainly had a good time! It was fantastic seeing see other people […]

FREE PATTERN- Arrow drops baby quilt

I first made this little Arrow drops baby quilt when I was working with my Henna fabrics and the concept has since evolved. It uses a method I dreamed up to piece the triangles completely randomly and without cutting lots of pieces out. Its quite clever if I do say so myself – and I […]