Festival makeover time…

I am excited and busy planning my stand the Festival of quilts in August… I have around 54 on going ideas to be working on! and am confident of getting them done in time! (sort of). As well as my table for selling my wares I have planned a corner for displaying a few bits. […]

Victory Cover

I am loving this month’s patchwork and quilting cover for some reason!! It might be because it features my victory quilt! The magazine has had the quilt for months now for photography so I had forgotten how striking it is. Love it al over again! I will have to find a spot to hang it […]

New Pattern – Project Baskets

I have just added a new pattern to my etsy site and its a good one!! I have made 10 of these baskets as samples to decide on the final design so it’s taken me a while! But I have loads of pretty storage baskets around the house made with my fabrics! I designed them […]

Brightening the walls

I have been tweaking the house a bit recently and hung a lot of my quilts that have previously been stuck in cupboards. To most people, I am sure it might be a bit quilt overload, but it’s my home and I like it!! I have also made a few bits for the sole purpose […]

A ‘love from mum’ day…

My daughter got a new outfit today, thanks to it being a stormy day outside and her mum being in the mood to sew! And she is quite happy about it! Look!… I don’t make as many clothes for my children as I should. My daughter particularly should have far more ‘lovefrommum’ originals in her […]

Starting the summer wardobe…

I have been trying out a few free clothing patterns online recently and am pleased to say have had some success stories! This one isn’t my first, I was making skirts the last couple of weeks, but haven’t photographed them yet! This is the Sorbetto tank top. If you search for it, LOADs of people […]

A baby trip up North…

This little baby quilt is one of those ‘better late than never’ ones! I just finished it for a friends 2nd daughter Kaya. Unfortunately it is a year later than planned and made just in time for her 1st birthday! I have a ‘deal’ on baby quilts made for friends where I get to pick […]


Just wanted to say my Victory quilt is now available as an instant download in my Etsy shop here. I have fallen in love with it all over again as I have been working on the pattern today! I forgot how much quilting I had done on it. No wonder I had no quilting needles […]

Secretly working…

I know I haven’t posted anything that I have made for a while. I haven’t been being lazy. I have just been working on projects that I can’t write about! Boring!… … But its not boring I promise. I have been finishing a quilt for a book coming out in October this year. Its to […]