Lanterns cushion for new magazine

The lanterns quilt I made using my henna collection proved quite popular and I got a few requests for alternative projects using the design. This is a sneak peak of a cushion pattern that is to feature in a new magazine coming out soon. It will be a monthly publication launching this April. I am […]

Another quilt in my collection

I finished this one last week and have finally named her ‘Poppy fields’. Its a bit girly but there are poppies in there and its made using my meadow collection so I thought it fit. I have been surprised how much I like her because she is quite a simple quilt. I spent ages fiddling […]

Quilt in progress

This is the (almost) finished quilt top of the second of my meadow quilts. I still need to add a border. Its the most traditional layout I have done for a while, with sashing and a pieced border, but I think it suits the collection. I am just off to the shop to buy thread […]

Tutorial – Binding a quilt

I have written so many quilt patterns now that I have described binding instructions over and over again. Binding a quilt is one of those things that, after a while, you just do without thinking so when it comes to writing the instructions down, I have to engage my brain to describe the steps. As […]

A bag before breakfast

Sometimes I find I spend all day working and get very little done but this morning I squeezed in a whole bag before I took my son to school! Pretty good going. I did, thanks to the little one getting me out of bed at 5, make a start when it was still dark, so […]

Meadow quilt one, done…

This one was pieced in a day but I managed to drag out the quilting somewhat but changing my mind and unpicking about 50 times! Well, about 3 times anyway. I planned from the start to quilt lots just in the white areas and make the triangles stand out but nothing I tried looked nice […]

New year, New collection…

I have barely woken up from my Christmas break and yet it seems to be all go for a new and exciting year already. I had a knock on the door from the UBS man last night with a big box full of fabric. I am still sewing projects with Henna and have patterns to […]

Recycling for Christmas….

I am quite proud of this initiative on a rainy Saturday morning. Its Christmas soon and I’m feeling proactive! The design process of coming up with a collection, unfortunately produces tons and tons of printed test sheets. I have had a whole big bag full of different versions of henna prints. Some rejected designs and […]

Hive pattern available now….Yay!

I have just, this second, finished the listing for my Hive quilt PDF pattern on Etsy! Yay! Its only a few weeks later than aimed but we got there in the end. My apologies to anyone who was eagerly awaiting it! If you would like to take a look please click here