Any new babies in the family?

Then you need to make one of these!..

I made this bag for myself when I had my second child and it is the only changing mat I used and the only changing bag I carried around too. I later made one for a friend when she had her baby and then my nephew when he was born! For some reason however, it has taken the best part of 4 years to release it as a pattern! I guess I kept getting distracted. But this week I made a new one and took pictures all the way. Luckily I remembered how to make it, as all my original notes are long gone!

The bag is a padded changing mat with side pockets to hold wipes and nappies (or diapers if you are American). It all then folds away and is easy to carry around or hang on the back of the pushchair. Make one for yourself if you have a baby or for someone you know who does. They will be very pleased with its usefulness!

The pattern is intermediate but it has no complicated parts really. Its just tricky for a beginner as it is sewing thick layers.

The pattern is available now in my shop if you would like to have a go…

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4 Responses to “Any new babies in the family?”

By Deborah Poulton - 9 April 2017 Reply

Hi Beth which side of the laminated fabric is uppermost on the changing bag, fabric or plastic side?

By Beth Studley - 12 April 2017 Reply

Hi Deborah. You want the laminated side up. If you don’t like putting your baby on this surface use a muslin square over it. That’s what I did with mine x

By Maggie - 7 September 2018 Reply

Hi Beth. Is this changing mat pattern still available? Unable to find it online. Regards Maggie

By Beth Studley - 31 December 2018 Reply

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