Sparkler quilt available now…

After many requests I have released the Sparkler quilt as a pattern. I have been displaying it at shows for some time and get requests for it every time.

Its pieced using templates and foundation piecing so is not one for beginners, but its a really fun one for those with a bit of experience. I have really enjoyed making up my samples again and even made a grey and blue one for my dad!

If you make one as a hanging for the wall you can have a lot of fun with the quilting as I did. I put lots of lines in the background to get the sparks to really stand out.

I only have it available as a PDF to download at the moment. I don’t have a paper copies as yet. I will have these ready before the Festival of quilts this year for those who prefer to get their patterns this way.

If you want to get one from my shop or from

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