Introducing Love From Beth Embroidery Kits

I have been so excited to release these and finally the day is here! Well, tomorrow anyway, at the time of writing this!

I developed these from the artwork I used when designing my Henna collection all those years ago. The collection is being re-released in Sept 2021 with new colours and new prints. Revistiting all my old designs, gave me the idea to try something completely new and I have to say I am quite hooked! I did quite a lot of embroidery and cross stitch as a child but haven't done any in years. I was a bit rusty! Having done little else but sewing and quilting in a long time it was really refreshing to do something else! I can tell you now I am already working on more!

There will be a 15% discount on the kits, for mailing list customers, for the first 48 hours after release. So this will run from 9am GMT on 3rd July 2021 to 9am GMT 5th July 2021. The discount will only work with a code and I will be sending this out to all mailing list subscribers as soon as the kits launch at 9am. So sign up now on my homepage if you want the discount!

After the main release there will always be a 10% on multiple orders of kits so if you want to buy one for a friend you will get 10% off.

If you want to know more about my Henna collection coming in Sept I will be releasing more close to the time but for now please click here


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