Peppered Cotton - Paprika
Peppered Cotton - Paprika
Peppered Cotton - Paprika

Peppered Cotton - Paprika

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colour code - SEPAPRIKA

Great for mixing with busier prints to calm projects down. Great for use on bags or background areas of quilts. Perfect weightwise for use with quilting weight cotton

100% shot cotton fabrics that almost fall into the solid color category.The term shot means that the weft is shot through the warp, but uses a discernibly different color thread.

Because the warp (lengthwise threads) and the weft (side to side threads) are different colors, the resulting shades are muted and variable combinations of the original colors. For instance, a black warp thread plus a blue weft thread woven together makes for a very dark blue such as Ink color# 45. When a fabric like Ink is viewed from different angles, the blues and blacks produce subtly different visual effects.

Above all, shot cottons have a tactile hand-woven quality and display deep colors well since all threads are dyed prior to weaving. There is no wrong or right side to shot cottons--a plus for quilt-makers.

100% Cotton

Fabric Width 44" (110cm)

Machine Wash 30 degrees. Cool Tumble Dry.

It is recommended that you pre-wash your fabrics as all fabrics may be liable to a small amount of shrinkage.

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